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Short Wrist Fracture Brace

Wrist Braces

Help heal broken bones with the fracture brace from BLAZE Medical, LLC. Our neoprene brace is a short arm fracture brace that is adjustable, waterproof, and affordable. This item is perfect for many doctor's offices, orthopedic surgeons, and medical equipment providers.
Wrist Brace and Splint for Wrist Fracture
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Get the best product possible when you order the fracture brace from BLAZE Medical, LLC. We offer a short arm fracture brace for distal radius or ulna fractures. It also can be applied to fractures in the carpals and metacarpals of the hand. Our company sells directly to doctors and retailers of medical equipment and supplies. Our brace is easy to remove and put back on to allow for swelling and/or atrophy. Our product is very durable and breathable, ensuring comfort and value. Our brace is even waterproof and radiotranslucent, giving you all needed features of a premium short arm fracture brace that delivers results. We offer distribution both regionally and nationally.
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